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Big India Market commercial center is India’s driving stage for offering on the web. Be it a producer, seller or provider, just offer your items online on Big India Market and turn into a top ecommerce player with least venture. Through a group of specialists offering elite dealer workshops, preparing, vender bolster and helpful merchant entryway, We concentrates on teaching and engaging dealers crosswise over India.

Offering on Big India is simple and completely free. All you need is to enroll, list your Products and begin offering your items.


BigIndiaMarket is a Business-to-Consumer shopping stage. In the event that you are a maker, a brand proprietor, a retailer/affiliate, an establishment holder, a wholesaler, an expert craftsman/artisan or a dealer, you can offer on BigIndiaMarket. To be a part of the BigIndiaMarket Merchant Community, you likewise need to offer fantastic client bolster administrations.
If it’s not too much trouble visit Big India and take after the well ordered procedure to join. It would be ideal if you take note of that simply after our confirmation procedure is finished, you can begin offering through your online store at Big India
Once you’ve enlisted as a vendor on Big India Market, you have to showcase your items online by transferring pictures and item depictions. Setting up an online store gives you a stage to offer your items, however you have to overhaul it routinely to bring purchasers’ consideration. If it’s not too much trouble allude to the ‘Vendor Checklist’ to know more.
If you don’t mind allude to the ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Approaches and Rules’ under the Merchant Central on site landing page. We firmly urge you to peruse every one of the terms and approaches of Big India Market to build up a trusted and safe commercial center.
At Big India Market, you will get a webpage with your store name, logo and products’ listing. You can use your storefront URL in all your marketing initiatives, including advertisements through business cards. The naming convention for your storefront URL is:
After you’ve successfully registered, you will have complete administrative access to your online store at You can login anytime, anywhere, using an Internet connection to upload new products, change existing quantity or pricing, manage orders & inventory, along with various other benefits.
We have 3 simple ways to create your product catalogue at These are: 1) 1-by-1 Upload, 2) Express Upload or 3) Bulk Upload, using a CSV file, sent it to us via email. it will be chargeable.
At Big India Market, we believe in a healthy marketplace. You only pay, when you sell. Currently, we do not charge for the product listings and online store front. We believe in power of combined scale, world-class skills, and economy of scope to significantly lower the cost of selling online, for each individual merchant.
Here are the three components of pricing for our merchants –

  • Set-up Fee – Setting up your store on Big India Market is FREE. There is NO set-up fee.
  • Listing Fee – We do not charge for the product listings or online storefront. If you want more visibility or run promotions, we offer several marketing programs or preferred placement opportunities at a fee.
  • Selling Service Fee – A selling service fee is charged upon a successful execution of a transaction. You pay us a percentage on your final sale value, only when selling is done successfully. Please contact us on for further details on our ‘Final Value Fee structure’.

We believe that performance based pricing structure for our services is appropriate for our merchants.

We have 3 simple ways to create your product catalogue at These are: 1) 1-by-1 Upload, 2) Express Upload or 3) Bulk Upload, using a CSV file, sent it to us via email. it will be chargeable.
S.No Category Percentage
1 Accessories – Electronics,PC,mobile phones,Tablets 8%
2 Apparel 17%
3 Apparel Accessories, Innerwear and sleepwear 13%
4 Automotive-Accessories 15%
5 Automotive-Automobile 2%
6 Automotive-Other subcategories 15%
7 Automotive-Helmets,Lubricants,Parts,Vehicle care 8%
8 Automotive-Tyres 3%
9 Baby products 5%
10 Bed and Bath Linen 10%
11 Beauty 5%
12 Beauty-Fragrance 12%
13 Business Industrial & scientific supplies 8%
14 Books 12%
15 Camera Lenses 4%
16 Camera and camcorder 4%
17 Chargers 12%
18 Craft materials 9%
19 Clocks 10%
20 Consumable Physical Gift Card 5%
21 Desktops 5%
22 Educational Software 10%
23 Bags and Sleeves- Electronics,PC,wireless 13%
24 Electronic Devices(Except TV,Camera,Camcorder,Camera Lenses,GPS Devices,Speakers,Mobile phones and Tablets 7%
25 Cases/Cover/Skin/Screen Guard – Electronics,PC,Wireless 22%
26 Cables-Electronics,PC,Wireless 17%
27 PC-Devices(printer and scanner) 4%
28 Electronics Accessories 25%
29 Storage Devices(Except Memory Cards and Pen Drives)-Electronics,PC,Wireless 5%
30 Eye wear 17%
31 Fashion Jewelry 18%
32 Fine Jeweler(Studded) 7%
33 Fine  Jewelry(Unstudded) 4%
34 Furniture 10%
35 GPS Devices 4%
36 Grocery and Gourmet 5%
37 Handbags 11%
38 Health and Personal Care 5%
39 Home-Cushions and Covers 10%
40 Home Improvement 8%
41 Home-Small appliances 3%
42 Home-Others(Excluding small appliances and home Improvement 15%
43 HPC-Body Support 10%
44 Indoor Lighting(Except LED bulbs) 10%
45 Kitchen-Non Appliances 12%
46 Laptop Battery 12%
47 Laptops 3%
48 Large Appliances 5%
49 Lawn and Garden 10%
50 LED Bulbs 8%
51 Luggage 13%
52 Luxury Beauty 12%
53 Medical Equipment 8%
54 Memory Cards 10%
55 Mobile phones and Tablets 3.50%
56 Modems and Networking Devices 6%
57 Monitors 3%
58 Movies 5%
59 Music 5%
60 Musical Instruments 6%
61 Non Educational software 10%
62 Nursing and Feeding 6%
63 Nutrition 8%
64 Office Products 7%
65 Pantry 13%
66 PC Components(RAM,motherboards) 5%
67 Personal care Appliances 7%
68 Pet Accessories 10%
69 Pet food(Dog food) 7%
70 Pet food(Except Dog food) 5%
71 Selfie sticks 13%
72 Shoes 13%
73 Speakers 4%
74 Sporting Goods 10%
75 Toys 8%
76 TV 4%
77 USB Flash Devices(pen drives) 8%
78 Video Games 5%
79 Video Games-Accessories 7%
80 Video Games Console 4%
81 Wallets and Backpacks 15%
82 Warranty Services 37%
83 Watches 14%


We charge:

SETTLEMENT AMOUNT  =  ORDER ITEM VALUE – MARKETPLACE FEE (fixed ₹40) – SERVICE TAX ON MARKETPLACE FEE(15%) – Commission fee – Shipping fee – Transaction fee